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Kitchen Armor’s projected capacitive displays are purpose-built for use in kitchen applications or wherever you need a rugged, durable touch screen to stand up to the elements. A PCAP touch screen’s glass panel is highly durable, easy to clean, scratch resistant and extremely responsive to gloved fingers. The glass panel provides a brighter, sharper and clearer image to eliminate the need of traditional screens.


The flat working surface and stainless steel full metal jacket design of the KA PCAP Touch Monitor eliminates the worry of grease and food buildup, which helps protect and extend the life of your touchscreen monitor. This commercial-grade monitor is easy to clean, features a sealed glass-to-edge touch screen with rapid and smooth touch response. The monitor is maintenance free with an energy saving LED backlight, which guarantees a longer life expectancy and excellent optical performance.

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Stainless Steel Hardware

Kitchen Armor’s stainless-steel hardware is a low maintenance solution that is made to handle the harsh kitchen environment without compromising the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Full System Protection

Kitchen Armor’s products are designed specifically to protect and conceal cables and power supplies that complete your kitchen system.


Kitchen Armor uses projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens which are highly responsive and do not require pressure to register contact.


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