Use CSK to reduce your ticket times and create a more efficient kitchen. Faster ticket times are key when providing a great dining experience, so eliminate long ticket times for happier guests.

ConnectSmart® customers have universally reported reduced ticket times with use of the features in our software. These reduced times create lower table turn times and increased throughput, so your restaurant can be more successful during peak periods. CSK creates lower ticket times through the features explained below:


  • Customized meal pacing, which ensures food is prepared for delivery to tables at the proper time, resulting in a better guest experience with less miscommunication
  • Graphical display, which makes it easy to call attention to special instructions that can be overlooked in a paper kitchen and results in far fewer mistakes in orders
  • Customized routing options, which increases kitchen pacing by ensuring each station only has to focus on what they need to prepare
  • Activity levels, which allow the user to set up different displays and routing configurations, and switch between them on the fly to accommodate varying staffing and volume levels
  • Configurable metrics that allow operators to react to real-time data and identify trends like bottlenecks and labor inefficiencies that adversely affect ticket times


Ensure that food is prepared for delivery to tables at the proper time, call attention to special instructions, increase kitchen throughput, set up customer displays and routing, and allow your operators to react to real-time data with a host of features designed to reduce ticket times in your kitchen. With CSK, you can create a great dining experience by providing the right food, at the right temperature, at the right time. And, since CSK integrates with more than 65 points of sale, you can gather more data work through any inefficiencies in your processes.

complete kitchen automation solutions


CSK’s kitchen display system API integrates with all of QSR’s hardware and software options, more than 65 POS providers, and numerous printer and pager systems to provide a complete solution. Integrations help you create a full, comprehensive solution that connects your front of house and back of house operations. CSK’s API integrates with a variety of solutions to help your restaurant function better and promote a seamless guest experience.


Use the CSK API to integrate with:

  • QSR’s guest management solution, DineTime
  • ControlPoint and TeamAssist
  • 65+ POS systems
  • Premise pager systems
  • Printer solutions
  • Third party hardware solutions (may require licensing)
  • Delivery and online ordering solutions


CSK’s data tools provide information for your kitchen and your front of house to keep your restaurant running smoothly. Management can also capture data to make decisions easier. With ConnectSmart® Kitchen, you can collect the data you need. With access to real-time restaurant analytics, you can react on the fly, view historical data to identify trends in your restaurant and provide your delivery and online ordering partners up-to-the-minute order status updates. 


With CSK, you can easily garner information about ticket times, kitchen bottlenecks, labor efficiencies and inefficiencies, menu reporting, and more. In addition, CSK integrates easily with more than 65 points of sale, delivery and online ordering partners as well as all of QSR’s other software solutions so you can learn about each diner’s experience from the time they walk into your restaurant to the time they leave the table.


ConnectSmart’s built-in kitchen analytics allow you to create dashboards with over 20 different built-in metrics, along with custom user-defined metrics for each view or station. The dashboards can be placed anywhere on any screen so you can make sure your food production and speed of service adheres to your standards. ConnectSmart Kitchen collects and stores this data locally as well as in the cloud, so the historical information is available for you to evaluate your kitchen’s efficiency and restaurant performance from anywhere you’re at.


CSK’s robust features make it easier for restaurants to perfect an off-premise dining strategy. Merge in-house with off-premise traffic, reduce kitchen stress & provide guests with real-time order tracking. Off-premise dining is a revenue stream that restaurants can’t ignore. Creating a strategy for combining those orders with your in-house traffic is easy and efficient with ConnectSmart Kitchen. Through its rich features and powerful software, ConnectSmart empowers restaurant operators to craft a successful off-premise dining strategy with:


  • Capacity Management – Capacity management takes the guess work out of fulfilling off-premise orders. Seamlessly blend off-premise dining orders with your in-house traffic to provide quotes based on real-time activity. With CSK’s dynamic capacity management, you can throttle incoming orders based specifically on your kitchen’s actual workload.
  • Real-Time Order Tracking – Integrate with digital ordering partners or use your own mobile app or website to provide diners with real-time order and item-level status updates about their off-premise meals.
  • Guest Data – View vehicle information, pickup and delivery times directly in your kitchen, providing your BOH staff with details to make the off-premise dining experience better.
  • Quality Assurance – Reduce your margin for error and cut food waste by utilizing tagging capabilities, like color coding, to label items that have been prepped and bagged for off-premise orders.

complete kitchen automation solutions


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