Kitchen Armor can manage your kitchen automation project, alone or in conjunction with in-house staff, for projects of any size.


Our highly experienced project managers have the leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility initiatives. Whether you require resources long term or short term, managing your strategic and mission-critical initiatives is key to success. Kitchen Armor has the flexibility and talent to accommodate your resource needs.


Our clients utilize our PM’s when they can’t afford any project failures.


In todays market, IT departments have more going on than ever before and all at once. They are having to drastically expand capabilities and increase competencies to deliver a consistent customer experience. Charting the right solutions path takes more than individual technology solutions. It must take everything into account for a seamless integration and having the right advisors is critical.


When the daunting task of optimizing kitchen operations like order throughout, order accuracy, work flow, reducing labor, reducing waste, POS integration and/or data analytics is beyond your expertise, our consulting team can guide you to the optimum choice of solutions and processes. Our specialists can provide on-site consultancy, expert advice, general assistance and training.


Whether you need us to complete your hardware installation from beginning to end, or just require an onsite resource for your internal technicians, you can rely on Kitchen Armor’s 40+ years of expertise that comes from successfully installing solutions in independent and multi-unit accounts.


Proper installation service starts with obtaining accurate information.  We take into account all important details, from site surveys to pre-work to gathering specifics on materials needed for the completion and integration of any project. Kitchen Armor supplies the people and equipment assemblies required, including all power, network and structure material needed to complete the installation of your project in accordance with industry specifications.


Whether it’s one location or multi-unit expansions, with Kitchen Armor by your side you can count on getting a solid foundation for your business growth.


Whether you require a printer shelf or complete end-to-end product mounting, our knowledgeable team can provide you with a custom quote for your unique project. Since our conception, we’ve built hundreds of custom mounting solutions consisting of more than 25 custom mounts and brackets of varying sizes, configurations and functions.


Our in-house engineering department begins working at the quote stage and continues through the length of the project. Their expertise throughout the entire process ensures that your mounting equipment meets specifications, is sized properly and includes all specified options.


Disclaimer: Minimum Purchase Required. Contact us for details.