Commercial Kitchen Health and Sanitation Procedures

Food safety and sanitation has always been one of the most important priorities for restaurants and has always been a high priority for customers. Strict safety and health procedures are required by law and are so important during this time of crisis. If you are a currently using QSR Automations KDS (CSK) we can assist you with your daily procedures by providing real time alerts and reminders for your staff.

Setting up phantom tickets to occur based on a scheduled time, we can send tasks and/or reminders to prompt managers and staff to complete actionable items such as:

  • Line checks
  • Temperature checks
  • Restroom Checks
  • Dining Room Checks
  • Back of House Checks
  • Staff Hygiene reinforcement (Such as Wash Hands)

Just about anything you would want to alert or remind your staff.
Current QSR users call our COVID-19 hotline 877-357-3572 Ext. 4 or email

If you are not currently using QSR for your kitchen display system and would like more information regarding this topic or other benefits with CSK. Please reach out to our sales department.

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Brooke Knight