Kitchen Armor Improves Efficiency and Customer Experience for Flanigan’s

In today’s ever-changing restaurant industry, it is essential for kitchens to adapt and innovate in order to keep up with demand and thrive. This was the case for Flanigan’s, a well-known Florida Staple and restaurant chain that was faced with the challenge of optimizing their operations in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the help of Kitchen Armor and Curbit, the Flanigan’s team was able to not only meet this challenge head-on but also achieve significant improvements in their efficiency and customer experience.

The video case study collaboration between Kitchen Armor, Flanigan’s, Curbit, and QSR showcases the power of strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology in driving operational excellence that was propelled by the Kitchen Armor consulting team. The Flanigan’s crew initially had reservations about making operational changes, but the pandemic forced them to reevaluate their processes and look for ways to do more with less.

Enter Kitchen Armor, a team of experts who specialize in providing customized tech solutions for the food service industry, as well as the best in cutting edge technology and hardware. Kitchen Armor took a consultative approach to understanding Flanigan’s needs and designed a tech stack that aligned perfectly with their requirements. By incorporating Kitchen Armor’s All-in-One 22” POE (Power Over Ethernet) units, sticky printers, and labels, paired with Curbit and QSR Automations that seamlessly interfaced with Olo and POSitouch POS platforms, Kitchen Armor facilitated a comprehensive integration for the Flanigan’s team. This integration streamlined operations and resulted in significant improvements in quote and ticket times.

Curbit, a third-party integrator, was also brought in to provide real-time updates for customers as their food was being prepared and to help evolve their Jo-To-Go takeout stations. This added level of transparency and communication further enhanced the overall to-go dining experience for Flanigan’s customers and increased the customer retention rate.

The implementation of QSR Automations software by the Kitchen Armor team improved Flanigan’s workflow and efficiency by customizing orders with color-coded ease and accuracy. This user-friendly system facilitated quick order entry and tracking by kitchen staff, leading to a quieter and more efficient kitchen, enabling the Flanigan’s team to better serve their customers.

The results speak for themselves – Flanigan’s experienced a remarkable 85% enhancement in quote times and an immediate 20% improvement in ticket times upon implementing these upgrades. This success has not only boosted their operational efficiency but has also instilled confidence in their leadership team to continue embracing technology and driving further advancements in their operations.

The collaboration between Kitchen Armor, Flanigan’s, Curbit, and QSR serves as a powerful example of how strategic partnerships and innovative technology can transform a business and drive tangible results. In today’s rapidly evolving and competitive market, it is essential for businesses to stay ahead of the game and utilize cutting-edge technology and solutions to improve their operations and maintain relevance with customers. Kitchen Armor is committed to assisting restaurants in achieving success in this endeavor, and Flanigan’s stands out as a prime example of a company that embraced this mentality and reaped the rewards of their forward-thinking approach. To learn more about Kitchen Armor and how we can help your restaurant operations, visit or reach out to us directly at

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