Stainless Steel Touch Screens: Health-Friendly Restaurant Cleaning

proper commerical cleaning processes

Keeping a restaurant kitchen clean, free of germs and bacteria is a never-ending battle. Daily routines for commercial kitchen cleaning include sanitizing all surfaces such as prep areas, cutting boards, equipment, utensils, trash cans, floor drains, and so much more. Restaurant kitchen cleaning must be done religiously to eliminate contamination and/or cross contamination of the products provided to customers daily.

dirty restaurant equipment

Unfortunately, today’s technology standards for commercial kitchens don’t meet the same guidelines as other commercial kitchen appliances. Typical technology solutions consist of printers and/or monitors which require many other non-compliant components. These devices are typically plastic, which means they are very porous, degradable, hard to clean and easily become a collecting area for bacteria, mold and germs.  

kitchen armor stainless steel touchscreen

Kitchen Armor recognizes that our products involve kitchen employees frequently touching our equipment as much as other appliances that they use, if not more. We design our products to not only withstand the harsh environment of a commercial kitchen but to also make it easy for kitchen staff to clean and sterilize commercial restaurant kitchen equipment in the same way they would any other surface in their kitchen.

commercial stainless steel kitchen POS equipment

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Brooke Knight
Author: Brooke Knight