Kitchen Armor + Flanigan's

The Kitchen Armor team has partnered with Flanigan’s, the well-known Florida staple, to improve their overall kitchen operations.

In this preview video, you’ll get a sneak peek into how the Flanigan’s team was able to enhance their kitchen processes with the expertise of Kitchen Armor and implementation of KDS (Kitchen Display Systems). Originally relying on printers and paper checks, Flanigan’s sought Kitchen Armor’s help to modernize their processes and achieve greater efficiency. The collaboration with Kitchen Armor’s consulting services was instrumental in identifying the right technology solutions to meet their specific needs.

By integrating the Kitchen Armor 22” Android All-In-One POE (Power Over Ethernet) devices, along with QSR software with Curbit, the Kitchen Armor team was able to create a user-friendly and customizable system that surpassed Flanigan’s specific needs.

The full case study release is scheduled in May 2024, so be sure to mark your calendars and check back for all the details.

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