KA-1000 APOE+ 10” Android Stainless Steel POE+ with Touch


Designed to handle the harsh environment of a restaurant kitchen, the KA-1000 APOE+ can dramatically improve sustainable kitchen operations. Pre-loaded with Android 10 operating system.

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Kitchen Armor 10″ Android Stainless Steel POE with Touch

This commercial grade appliance reduces the expense and complexity of installing kitchen systems all while improving station performance, efficiency, staff effectiveness and sanitary & safety requirements. Comes pre-loaded with Android 10 operating system. (Android 7 is available as an option, but it will add an additional 5 days to shipping time.)


The 10” PCAP touch screen, along with its surface real-estate, provides flexibility to customize screen design and functionality for enhancing performance. Thus, reducing touches and improving ticket times.


Accompanying our commercial grade mounting kits will support the ergonomics of your kitchen design that allows staff to expend the least amount of energy to complete the most tasks in the shortest amount of time.


Power over ethernet (POE) eliminates the need and expense of electrical outlets at each station, as well as, power supplies and cable management requirements that typically accompany other KDS hardware solutions. This will reduce points of failure, which then makes it easy to trouble shoot and provides the ability to easily support & service.


It’s commercial grade stainless-steel enclosure and hardened glass helps meet HACCP standards in your kitchen environment, as well as extending your product life and investment value.


Pair with the Vesa Mount Universal Adjustable Mounting Kit, one of the Kitchen Armor POE switches and a Kitchen Armor 20″ Pole for Wall to increase the efficiency in your kitchen.


Warranty Information: All Kitchen Armor Screens come with an automatic one year warranty upon purchase. Contact us for details on warranty.


complete kitchen automation solutions


Weight6.5 lbs
Dimensions10.18 × 6.97 × 1.52 in


  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Commercial Grade Stainless-Steel
  • Commercial Grade PCAP Touch Screen
  • Power over Ethernet (POE+)
  • Android 10 Operating System


  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Extended product life
  • Reduce Failures
  • Reduce installation & support cost
  • Excellent optical performance
  • Improved station performance
  • 1 Year warranty