A letter from Mark LeMay, Co-Founder and CEO of Kitchen Armor

Dear Valued Customer,

During this coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the restaurant industry is feeling the catastrophic impact through closures of dining rooms around the country and a dramatic slowdown in traffic from patrons. We understand the harsh reality that we all are facing.  As we go through this trial together, I do see some positive things happening around our nation – and even from some our customers. Click here to see what Harald Herrmann, CEO of the Second Harvest Food Bank (Orange County) has put together with one of our customers, Habit Burger, along with many other volunteers helping their community in this time of need.  Click this link for more on Second Harvest Food Bank OC and how you can help.

This is the time for all of us to stand together, take care of each other, and overcome this pandemic. At Kitchen Armor, the health and well-being of our employees, customers, partners and the communities they serve is our top priority. We understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing surrounding this time of “shelter in place” where only “essential services” may go to work.  We want you to know that we are committed to being responsive to your support needs and requests for remote configuration changes to support off-premise dining only regulations.  See below for more information on off-premise dining configuration.

We are also focusing on health, safety and business continuity, and being your trusted technology provider of choice. See below for an update on the preventive and precautionary actions we have taken to date as we focus on health and safety.

During this crisis, Kitchen Armor is also committed to supporting and growing our employees, making business improvements and strengthening our partnerships. Trainings and team meetings are under way, new products are in development and product improvements will continue.  As stories of treatment successes make their way through the news, we are encouraged that our situation will be changing for the better.  As always Kitchen Armor will continue to support our customers and employees, improve our knowledge, products, services and help in any way we can.

Remember that we should be thankful of all that is good in this great nation, and how we are all blessed to have fellow citizens helping each other in this time of need.  My hope and prayers ask that when we get through this trial we will have grown as individuals; all be working in improved businesses and living in a unified country that is prospering and demonstrating a great model for the world to follow.

God Bless,

Mark LeMay
Co-Founder and CEO
Kitchen Armor

Brooke Knight
Author: Brooke Knight